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2-2-1 St. Louis Style Ribs with Apple Habanero Pectin Glaze

Who does not love a good ole lip smacking rack of juicy ribs? These ribs are not the fall apart kind as these have a slight tug but will still pull clean from the bone. The Habanero Pectin glaze these are paired with is a competiton secret so don’t tell your friends know what it is and you’ll keep them guessing what that delicious flavor is as they come back for more.


· Rack of St Louis style ribs. Be sure to trim any excess pieces hanging and remove the membrane on the back of the ribs using a spoon to pry under them membrane and paper towel to hold the membrane while pulling off.

· Prepared Yellow Mustard

· Your Favorite BBQ Rub ( We Used Grandpa Joe’s Honey Chipotle)

· Our Pectin Glaze Sauce (recipe below)

· Your Favorite BBQ Sauce ( We Used Joseph-Que Competiton Sauce)

Apple Habanero Pectin Glaze ingredients

· 1/2 lb Habanero peppers cored and seeds removed then diced fine

· 1 ½ cups Apple Cider Vinegar

· 1 3oz Packet of Liquid Pectin

· 3 ¾ cup white granulated sugar

· 2 Cups Apple Juice

· Large mason jar


1) Core, remove seeds and slice and chop Habaneros

2) Add Apple Juice, Sugar, Apple Cider Vinegar to medium high heat pan.

3) Stir till Sugar completely dissolves

4) Add habaneros and bring to a boil

5) Add pectin and stir thoroughly

6) Remove from heat, place in Mason Jar and allow to cool. Refrigerate when cool.

Rib Instructions:

1) Prepare rack of ribs by removing membrane and any excess hanging meat and fat. Add mustard to bottom side of ribs and coat with your favorite BBQ Rub. Do the same to the other side making sure rub is evenly coated.

2) Prepare smoker and set to 275° and add your favorite smoking wood.

3) Add ribs to smoker and cook for two Hours.

4) Remove Ribs from smoker and wrap in foil tightly but add a generous amount of the habanero pectin glaze to the top of the ribs and foil packet. Return to smoker and cook an additional two hours.

5) Remove ribs from foil packet and glaze with your favorite BBQ sauce. Return to cooker and allow to cook for an additional hour. Remove from cooker let sit for 10-15mins and serve in 3 bone sections.

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