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Lollipop Chicken Drumsticks

This has become a staple dish when entertaining at the Joseph-Que family events. This drumstick preparation is fun and makes the legs so easy to devour.


· 12 pack or family pack of Chicken Drumsticks

· ¼ cup of Your Favorite BBQ Rub (we used Grandpa Joe’s Honey Chipotle in our Recipe from Joseph-Que Craft Rubs)

· 1 12oz Bottle of your Favorite BBQ Sauce (we used Joseph-Que Craft Rubs Competition Barbecue Sweet and Smokey Sauce)


1) French your chicken drumsticks by taking a very sharp filet knife and cutting around the leg just above the fatty muscle part of the leg. Make sure to cut through tendons and begin to remove the skin and tendons over the joint to expose the bone showing a handle.

2) Next with a sharp chef’s knife or a cleaver trim the other side of the drumstick to make the tops flat which will allow the drums to stand on their own.

3) Season Drumsticks with your favorite Barbecue Rub set aside and start Grill or Smoker and set temps to around 325°.

4) Cook drums away from direct flame and cook till skin tightens around 155° internal temperature.

5) Add Barbecue sauce to a bowl and dunk drums in sauce and return to heat. Allow sauce to set and Drums to reach an internal temperature of 165° on a thermometer.

6) Remove from heat and serve immediately.

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