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Sous Vide-Que Porterhouse or Ribeye Steak

If you haven’t heard of the cooking method sous vide we suggest you give it an exploration. In this recipe we combine the edge to edge perfection of cooking large cuts of beef by utilizing the sous vide method and then searing over high heat on direct coals or on cast iron grates. Direct flame is used to achieve one the best crusts and juiciest steaks you’ve ever had.


· 1 2.5-3” Porterhouse or Ribeye Steak

· 1 TBSP of your favorite steak seasoning (we used Dom’s Magic Dust by Joseph-Que Craft Rubs)

· Vacuum Seal Bag or large Ziploc bag

· 1/2 stick of butter all melted but a tbsp

· Sous Vide bucket and circulator


1) Fill sous vide bucket and start immersion circulator and set to 135°

2) Season meat generously on both side with your favorite steak seasoning

3) Vacuum seal steak in bag or use water displacement method with a Ziploc bag.

4) Add steak to bath and cook for 2hrs

5) Heat grill to high heat

6) Remove steak from bath and pat really dry with paper towels

7) Quickly sear each side of steak on grill for 30 seconds per side

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