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Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Spinach Orzo.

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Lemon Pepper Shrimp and Spinach Orzo

This recipe absolutely screams Summer cuisine at its finest. The light yet exciting flavors of Lemon Pepper come together with the succulent pop of fresh shrimp and interweave with a delicate blend of onions, spinach and Orzo pasta. This dish will have your friends believing you’re a master chef.

· 1lb of Shrimp

· 1cup of Orzo

· 2 cups of Spinach

· 1/2 red onion (cut into rounds)

· 1 lemon Cut into wheels

· 2 Tbsp Lemon Pepper Seasoning

· 1/4 Cup grated Parmesan

· 1 Tbsp Olive Oil

· 3 Cloves Garlic (minced)

· 4 Tbsp Unsalted Butter

· Palm full of Fresh Parsley finely chopped

· Wood Skewers soaked in water for 30 mins


1) Preheat Grill to 350° and remove tails from shrimp then place on skewers and sprinkle with lemon pepper seasoning on both sides.

2) Slice red onion and Lemon into wheels (save ends of lemon to squeeze juice over finished product). Now either get a skillet hot or a grill and sear or grill shrimp, lemon, and red onion wheels. Place on plate and melt 4 tbps of butter with a tsp of lemon pepper seasoning. Brush finished shrimp with butter.

3) Cook Orzo according to package directions drain thoroughly and set aside. Heat skillet over grill with olive oil and saute minced garlic with the spinach. Once spinach is wilted and garlic is golden dice your red onion and turn your shrimp, orzo, lemon wheels, diced onion together in the skillet drizzle remaining butter over top, sprinkle with Parmesan and fresh parsley and place indirect in closed grill for 8-10 mins or until warmed through. Serve immediately.

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