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Dragon Eggs

Updated: Jul 23, 2020

I created this recipe for the BBQ Pit Boys. It has become quite popular and ounce you taste it you'll understand.

Dragon Eggs

Ingredients: 2 Chicken Breasts 4 Slices Bacon 2 Ounces Cream Cheese 2 Tbsp Shredded Cheddar 2 Jalapenos 1/4 Cup BBQ Sauce 1 TBSP Dom's Magic Dust


Preheat oven to 350° or get grill ready for indirect cooking/smoking. Take breasts and slice through thin middle part to butterfly breast. Place on cutting board and lay plastic wrap on top. Hammer breast flat with meat hammer or rolling pin. Take Jalapenos and slice in half lengthwise. Remove seeds and if you dont like heat remove most of white membrane inside. Fill each half with cream cheese and top with cheddar. Place both halfs back together and place in flattened chicken breast. Wrap chicken around jalapenos and then proceed to wrap breasts in bacon. Feel free to use toothpicks to hold bacon place. Liberally dust chicken with Dom's Magic Dust and place in refrigerator to setup for a couple mins. Place in oven or smoker and cook 25-40mins or until internal breast reaches 165°. During last 10mins of cook glaze with your favorite BBQ sauce and serve.

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